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Oakwood Commons Information

The new Oakwood Commons Wal-Mart, Foot Locker, Penn Station and Great Clips are now open and Sally Beauty Supply will be opening soon. Additional tenant announcements are expected in the coming months. Oakwood Park is also open to the public. Both the parking lot and entrance to the park can be accessed off of East Antisdale Road. The official dedication ceremony for the park will take place in the spring. Check back to this page for updates.

Walmart Sustainable Design Brochure

Mayfield Road Great Clips in South Euclid is staying put -
      Great Clips has confirmed the Oakwood Commons location will be an additional location for South   
 and the existing Great Clips will remain open at Maymore Shopping Center.

Greatest Clips is latest tenant at Oakwood Commons in South Euclid -

Coming Next to Oakwood Commons in South Euclid: Sally Beauty Supply -

Oakwood Commons Brochure

Oakwood Commons - A Sustainable Retail Experience

Final Development Agreement 

Final Donation Agreement 

Final Easement Agreement 

Final Public Benefit Agreement 

Zoning & Planning Committee Work Session - 7:00pm, Monday, June 20, 2011

Estimated Real Estate Tax Revenue 

Estimated Income Tax Revenue During Construction 

Conceptual Design 1 

Conceptual Design 2 

Conceptual Buffer Views 


Stormwater Easement Summary 

Stormwater Easement 

Zoning & Planning Committee Work Session - 6:00pm, Monday, June 6, 2011

5-25-11 Public Hearing Procedures & Guidelines

Draft Development Agreement 5-6-11 (DRAFT) 

Draft Public Benefit Agreement 5-6-11 (DRAFT) 

Draft Donation Agreement 5-6-11 (DRAFT)  

Draft Easement 4-26-11 (DRAFT

Planning Commission Stipulations - Exhibit to the Development Agreement  

Mitigation Analysis - Planning Commission 

Chapter 763

Retail MarketPlace Profile 

Notice of Public Hearings

South Euclid Comprehensive Plan (revised 4-12-11)

Map 5 Application of Development Policies 3-16-11 Draft Revised

South Euclid Planning Commission Development Agreement to Rezoning

Mitigation Analysis SE Oakwood Planning Committee

Mitigation Analysis

Planning Commission's Oakwood Agenda, 2011- Part 2

Oakwood Rezoning Review

Oakwood Commons Traffic Impact Report

Public Hearing Notice for the Oakwood Commons Development - Oakwood Rezoning, R-75 to C-2
- 3-10-11

Planning Commission's Oakwood Agenda, 2011

Ord. 05-11 Oakwood Amend Zoning Ord. - Zone Map R-75 to C-2

Potential Design for 21 Acre SE Oakwood Park

Greater Cleveland Partnership

South Euclid-Oakwood Application to City for Rezoning

First Interstate Properties Press Release

First Interstate Oakwood Project FAQ

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