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Building Information, Permits & Forms


For your protection, permits are required before any home construction or improvements can be done.  Permits are issued to the person who will physically perform the work for which the permit is sought.  Permits are obtained at the Building Department from 8:00 A.M.- 3:30 P.M., Monday through Friday.  Check with the department before beginning any construction, electrical, plumbing, heating or air conditioning work. Permits are also required for garage sales and satellite dishes.


Upon request and for informational purposes only, the Building Department can provide homeowners with a list of contractors who have met the registration requirements for the City of South Euclid, and are licensed, bonded and insured to work in the city. Although neither the Building Department nor the City recommends contractors, the Registered Contractors list can be a great help to the homeowner in choosing a licensed contractor for their project


13 Steps to Hiring a Contractor


- Seek a referral from someone you know who is happy with his or her contractor's work.

- Solicit bids from at least three contractors

- Be wary of proposals that are much lower than any other proposals.

- Contact the Better Business Bureau to check out any contractors that submit bids.

- Insist on a written contract that outlines your entire agreement, including starting and completion dates.

- Have an attorney review any documents before you sign them, including contracts, warranties, and plans.

- Make sure there are no blank spaces on anything you sign.

- Insist upon a written warranty on all materials and work.

- Get all building permits and variances before starting the project - and identify the contractor on the


- Inspect all work before signing a completion certificate.

- Withhold final payment until the entire project is finished and inspected.

- Get a contractor's affidavit that all subcontractors and material suppliers have been paid before making

     final payment.

- Report my misrepresentations, shoddy work, failure to honor contracts, unlicensed contractors, or
    other problems to the appropriate licensing board.



Steps for Obtaining a Conditional Use permit for keeping chickens



Updated Rental Ordinance  - The City will no longer issue rental occupancy permits on properties with a delinquent tax balance.


Affidavit for Proof of Address and Contact Information Required for Certificate of Rental Occupancy


Affidavit for Removal from Rental Occupancy List - 2016


Agent's Authorization Form (Fillable Form)


Application for Conditional Use (Fillable Form)


Application for Fire Alarm Permit (Fillable Form)


Application for Lot Split/Lot Consolidation-Preliminary/Final Sub-Division (Fillable Form)


Application for Miscellaneous Permit (Fillable Form)


Application for Relief - Board of Zoning Appeals (Fillable Form)


Application for Sprinkler Alarm Permit (Fillable Form)


Bond Registration Form 2016 (Fillable Form)


Building Permit - Commercial Application (Fillable Form)


Building Permit - Residential Application (Fillable Form)


Business Renewal Application - 2015


Community Reinvestment Area Tax Exemption Program Application (Fillable Form)


Construction Dumpster, Trailer, Shed, Moving of Buildings Application (last revised 2011) (Fillable Form)


Contractors Registration Packet - 2016 (Fillable Form)


Cuyahoga County Residential Rental Property Disclosure Form


Deck & Patio Construction Requirements


Declaration of Local Agent Form for Owners Outside NE Ohio - 2016


Detached Garage - Specifications


Driveway, Apron, Sidewalk and Patio (Zoning Permit) Application (Fillable Form)


Electrical Permit Application (Fillable Form)


EPA's Renovate Right Brochure


Extension Request (Fillable Form)


Fence Application (last revised 2011) (Fillable Form)


Fire Protection Systems Permit Application (Fillable Form)


Front Step or Porch Replacement - Specifications


Garage Foundation Replacement Application (Fillable Form)


Garage Sale Application with Ordinance (Fillable Form)


Homeowner's Exception Affidavit - Revised 2013 (Fillable Form)

HVAC Permit (last revised 2011) (Fillable Form)


Non-Residential Plan Approval Application (Fillable Form)


Notification of Foreclosure Filing (Fillable Form)


Plumbing, Water, Sewer, Fuel Gas System(s) Permit Application (Fillable Form)


Professional Services Fees (Fillable Form)


Public Records Policy


Release of Deposit Funds


Rental Packet - 2016


Rental Property Tenant Update Form - 2016 


Residential Code of Ohio (MUST SIGN) - 2013


Residential Plan Approval Application (Fillable Form)


Roofing Acknowledgement


Sign Permit Application and ARB Examination of Plans Application (Fillable Form)


South Euclid Porch Handout


South Euclid Zoning Map


Updated Permit Fees


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