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Finance Department


James Smith, Finance Director


General Finance Department E-mail Address:


The City of South Euclid Notice of Board of Tax Review Positions


2015 City of South Euclid Budget


Service Department Contract


Full-Time Dispatchers Contract


2014 Preliminary Budget



Snow Plow Permit Forms/Documents


- Permits will be available for purchase on October 1.
- Copies of a commercial registration must be provided for each vehicle.
- An insurance surety bond in the amount of $2500 made out to the City of South Euclid for snowplowing

   must be submitted.


Snow Removal - Plow Application Permit - 2015-2016


Snow Plow Permits List (updated 12-29-15)


Snow Plow Notice Letter

Snow Plow Permit Form

Snow Plow Affidavit for Removal

Snow Plow Permits Surety Bonds

Snow Plow Permits Customer Addresses





Budget Hearing Presentation - At-Large Community Meeting 2013 Revenue Generating Discussion Presentation


Notification of Filing of Audit Report - Dave Yost - Ohio Auditor of State




Income Tax

The city levies an income tax of 2% on all income earned by residents and on all income earned within the city by non-residents and offers a .75% Credit to residents whose income is earned outside the city.  The tax is collected by the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA).


Taxing District

To ensure that South Euclid receives full benefit from auto license fees, please list the City of South Euclid as your tax district on the application for new license plates.  The registrar should record District #1850 for South Euclid.


Local Taxes

SE-L Schools Area

CH-UH Schools Area

Total Property Tax for all purposes

108.40 mills

146.90 mills


  16.60 mills

  16.60 mills


  75.20 mills

111.10 mills


    1.40 mills

    4.00 mills


  15.20 mills

  15.20 mills


Budget Reduction Considerations

Income Tax Credit Fact Sheet

Auditor's Report for South Euclid

Information concerning the City of South Euclid's audit can be found on the following website:

Press "Online Audit Search" then fill in the items as shown below:

Entity Name/Report Title:    South Euclid

Entity Type:    City

Fiscal Year:   1999

County:    Cuyahoga


Questions concerning R.I.T.A.? Use the link below to visit their website:

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