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Doug Stefko, Fire Chief
(216) 691-4270

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Firefighter/Paramedic Job Application - South Euclid, OH Fire Department
Police Officer Application - South Euclid, OH Police Department
IOS Recruitment

Cold weather is right around the corner! Here are some cold weather fact sheets and general information to help you prepare.

Home Heating Systems
• Have your heating system serviced professionally to make sure it is clean, working properly and
   ventilated to the outside.
• Inspect and clean fire places and chimneys
• Install a smoke detector. Test batteries monthly
• Have a safe alternate heating source and alternate fuel available

Get your car ready for cold weather
• Service the radiator and maintain antifreeze level: check tire tread or, replace tires with all-weather or
   snow tires.
• Keep gas tank full to avoid ice in the tank and fuel lines.

Items to keep in emergency kit for car
• Blankets
• Food and water
• Booster cables, flares, tire pump and a bag of sand or cat litter (for traction)
• Compass and maps
• Flashlight, battery-powered radio, and extra batteries
• First-aid kit
• Plastic bags (for sanitation)

When traveling
• Avoid traveling when the weather service has issued advisories
• If you must travel, inform a friend or relative of your proposed route and expected time of arrival

Follow these safety rules if you become stranded in your car
• Stay with your car unless safety is no more than 100 yards away, but continue to move arms and    
• Stay visible by putting bright cloth on the antenna, turning on the inside overhead light (when  
   engine is running and raising the hood when snow stops falling
• Run the engine and heater only 10 minutes every hour
• Keep a downwind window open

Consider purchasing a NOAA Weather Radio, which provides an audible alarm when the National Weather Service issues a severe weather warning. Sign up for ReadyNotify to receive information on possible county office closures and severe weather warnings.

Extreme Cold Fact Sheet
Winter Storms Fact Sheet
Blizzard Fact Sheet

South Euclid Fire Department 2014 Annual Report 

South Euclid Fire Department Patient Request for Access Form 

Daylight Savings - Test your Smoke Alarms

Carbon Monoxide: A Silent Killer

Chimney Fire Safety Tips

South Euclid Fire Department - Senior Citizen Residential Lock Box Program

In November of 2013 we received Ohio Grant funding and funding from the city of South Euclid to purchase two state of the art patient transport devices called the Stryker Power-Load cot system by Stryker. This new loading system has become the norm in our geographical area and will allow for the safer transferring of the patient with the added benefit of reducing or eliminating lifting injuries of our personnel, where nationally 40% of firefighter injuries are back and lifting related.

Click Here to see the Styker Power Load cot system Video

Ladder 321  

All of the members of the South Euclid Fire Department welcome you to our website.  Our department has a long & proud history of service to our community, and we hope this site will continue that tradition.


Please check back frequently for new information about local safety concerns as well as new programs or services

being provided by the South Euclid Fire Department.


 Open Burning Regulations - A Quick Synopsis


Fire Hydrant Testing Program



Firefighters do more than just fight fires. South Euclid firefighters provide emergency medical service, conduct fire safety education, maintain and repair equipment, inspect fire hydrants and conduct fire safety inspections.


Officers are available, upon request, to speak to school, civic and religious groups about fire prevention and safety. Firefighters teach various fire safety, first aid and fire prevention courses to many groups in the community.


For questions, contact the Department at:


City of South Euclid Fire Department
1349 S. Green Road
South Euclid, OH 44121
Fax 216-381-0656


Car Seat Hotline: 216-691-4204

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