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South Euclid City, Ohio Statistics and Demographics (US Census 2010)


Profile of General Population and Housing Characteristics: 2010
2010 Demographic Profile Data
Geography: South Euclid city, Ohio
Total population22,295100.0
Under 5 years1,2245.5
5 to 9 years1,3636.1
10 to 14 years1,6377.3
15 to 19 years1,9958.9
20 to 24 years1,3756.2
25 to 29 years1,2715.7
30 to 34 years1,4206.4
35 to 39 years1,5466.9
40 to 44 years1,3916.2
45 to 49 years1,5416.9
50 to 54 years1,8168.1
55 to 59 years1,5887.1
60 to 64 years1,2565.6
65 to 69 years8363.7
70 to 74 years5912.7
75 to 79 years4752.1
80 to 84 years4882.2
85 years and over4822.2
Median age (years)37.9( X )
16 years and over17,71779.5
18 years and over16,94676.0
21 years and over15,70270.4
62 years and over3,60416.2
65 years and over2,87212.9
Male population10,17245.6
Under 5 years6332.8
5 to 9 years6733.0
10 to 14 years7983.6
15 to 19 years1,0174.6
20 to 24 years7423.3
25 to 29 years5722.6
30 to 34 years6222.8
35 to 39 years6783.0
40 to 44 years6102.7
45 to 49 years6783.0
50 to 54 years7953.6
55 to 59 years6703.0
60 to 64 years5112.3
65 to 69 years3811.7
70 to 74 years2411.1
75 to 79 years1920.9
80 to 84 years1890.8
85 years and over1700.8


Median age (years)35.2(X)
16 years and over7,89735.4
18 years and over7.49533.6
21 years and over6,85830.8
62 years and over1,4596.5
65 years and over1,1735.3
Female Population12,12354.4
Under 5 years5912.7
5 to 9 years6903.1
10 to 14 years8393.8
15 to 19 years9784.4
20 to 24 years6332.8
25 to 29 years6993.1
30 to 34 years7983.6
35 to 39 years8683.9
40 to 44 years7813.5
45 to 49 years8633.9
50 to 54 years1,0214.6
55 to 59 years9184.1
60 to 64 years7453.3
65 to 69 years4552.0
70 to 74 years3501.6
75 to 79 years2831.3
80 to 84 years2991.3
85 years and over3121.4
Median age (years)39.8( X )
16 years and over9,82044.0
18 years and over9,45142.4
21 years and over8,84439.7
62 years and over2,1459.6
65 years and over1,6997.6
Total population22,295100.0
One Race21,74097.5
Black or African American9,07340.7
American Indian and Alaska Native160.1
Asian Indian1050.5
Other Asian [1]1090.5
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander40.0
Native Hawaiian10.0
Guamanian or Chamorro20.0
Other Pacific Islander [2]10.0
Some Other Race1480.7
Two or More Races5552.5
White; American Indian and Alaska Native [3]210.1
White; Asian [3]800.4
White; Black or African American [3]2461.1
White; Some Other Race [3]110.0
Race alone or in combination with one or more other races: [4]
Black or African American9,50542.6
American Indian and Alaska Native1410.6
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander150.1
Some Other Race2060.9
Total population22,295100.0
Hispanic or Latino (of any race)4472.0
Puerto Rican1290.6
Other Hispanic or Latino [5]1760.8
Not Hispanic or Latino21,84898.0
Total population22,295100.0
Hispanic or Latino4472.0
White alone1960.9
Black or African American alone850.4
American Indian and Alaska Native alone00.0
Asian alone30.0
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone20.0
Some Other Race alone820.4
Two or More Races790.4
Not Hispanic or Latino21,84898.0
White alone11,86753.2
Black or African American alone8,98840.3
American Indian and Alaska Native alone160.1
Asian alone4331.9
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander alone20.0
Some Other Race alone660.3
Two or More Races4762.1
Total population22,295100.0
In households21,67697.2
Spouse [6]3,73616.8
Own child under 18 years4,86821.8
Other relatives1,1635.2
Under 18 years4211.9
65 years and over2291.0
Under 18 years580.3
65 years and over670.3
Unmarried partner4301.9
In group quarters6192.8
Institutionalized population50.0
Noninstitutionalized population6142.8
Total households8,913100.0
Family households (families) [7]5,79165.0
With own children under 18 years2,66629.9
Husband-wife family3,73641.9
With own children under 18 years1,53817.3
Male householder, no wife present3564.0
With own children under 18 years1651.9
Female householder, no husband present1,69919.1
With own children under 18 years96310.8
Nonfamily households [7]3,12235.0
Householder living alone2,66429.9
65 years and over2152.4
65 years and over6497.3
Households with individuals under 18 years2,90332.6
Households with individuals 65 years and over2,20024.7
Average household size2.43( X )
Average family size [7]3.04( X )
Total housing units9,607100.0
Occupied housing units8,91392.8
Vacant housing units6947.2
For rent1321.4
Rented, not occupied130.1
For sale only2452.6
Sold, not occupied310.3
For seasonal, recreational, or occasional use240.2
All other vacants2492.6
Homeowner vacancy rate (percent) [8]3.3( X )
Rental vacancy rate (percent) [9]6.9( X )
Occupied housing units8,913100.0
Owner-occupied housing units7,15080.2
Population in owner-occupied housing units16,867( X )
Average household size of owner-occupied units2.36( X )
Renter-occupied housing units1,76319.8
Population in renter-occupied housing units4,809( X )
Average household size of renter-occupied units2.73( X )
X Not applicable.
[1]Other Asian alone, or two or more Asian categories.
[2]Other Pacific Islander alone, or two or more Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander categories.
[3]One of the four most commonly reported multiple-race combinations nationwide in Census 2000.
[4]In combination with one or more of the other races listed. The six numbers may add to more than the total population, and the six percentages may add to more than 100 percent because individuals may report more than one race.
[5]This category is composed of people whose origins are from the Dominican Republic, Spain, and Spanish-speaking Central or South American countries. It also includes general origin responses such as “Latino” or “Hispanic.”
[6]”Spouse” represents spouse of the householder. It does not reflect all spouses in a household. Responses of “same-sex spouse” were edited during processing to “unmarried partner.”
[7]”Family households” consist of a householder and one or more other people related to the householder by birth, marriage, or adoption. They do not include same-sex married couples even if the marriage was performed in a state issuing marriage certificates for same-sex couples. Same-sex couple households are included in the family households category if there is at least one additional person related to the householder by birth or adoption. Same-sex couple households with no relatives of the householder present are tabulated in non-family households. “Non-family households” consist of people living alone and households which do not have any members related to the householder.
[8]The homeowner vacancy rate is the proportion of the homeowner inventory that is vacant “for sale.” It is computed by dividing the total number of vacant units “for sale only” by the sum of owner-occupied units, vacant units that are “for sale only,” and vacant units that have been sold but not yet occupied; and then multiplying by 100.
[9]The rental vacancy rate is the proportion of the rental inventory that is vacant “for rent.” It is computed by dividing the total number of vacant units”for rent” by the sum of the renter-occupied units, vacant units that are “for rent,” and vacant units that have been rented but not yet occupied; andthen multiplying by 100.Source: U.S. Census Bureau, 2010 Census.