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St. Gregory the Great White Oak
This old oak was standing when Moses Cleveland arrived on the shores of the Cuyahoga River in 1796. Its age is somewhere near 300 years old, has a diameter of 70 inches, stands 65 feet tall and has a crown spanning ¼ acre.

Gettysburg American Sycamore
Propagated from sycamore trees found in Gettysburg during the War Between the States. It was dedicated in memory of Frank Prasse, a South Euclid resident and veteran of the Civil War, during the City’s 1998 Arbor Day celebration at the War Memorial.

American Liberty Elm
At the 1999 Arbor Day ceremony at the War Memorial, W.P. Lanphear donated this tree in remembrance of our country’s first symbol of freedom. In Boston two effigies were suspended for a relative of this tree to protest the Stamp Act.

Sergeant York Tulip Poplar
Planted in the year 2000 on Arbor Day at the War Memorial in honor of all South Euclid’s World War I veterans. The tree was propagated from the tree found at the grave site of WWI hero Sergeant Alvin P. York.

Sullivan Brothers Flowering Crabapple
Planted in 2001 on Arbor Day at the War Memorial in honor of all South Euclid’s World War II veterans.  This sapling is related to the crabapples planted at the Nations Capital dedicated to the seven fighting Sullivan brothers whom died together on the USS Juneau during WWII.

Eisenhower Green Ash
Propagated from seed of trees growing on the estate of the 34th President in Denison, Texas.  W. P. Lanphear donated this tree for the World War II veterans on Arbor Day 2001.

Lanphear White Oak
Planted in memory of W. P. and Joan L. Lanphear for their dedication in keeping the City of South Euclid green.  Planted on Arbor Day 2002.

Harry S. Truman “Walking Ginkgo”
Seeds from the tree near President Truman’s estate in Missouri.  Planted during the 2002 Arbor Day ceremony in memorial to South Euclid’s Korean War Veterans.

“Moon” Sycamore
Planted in memory of the space shuttle crew “Columbia” in 2003.  The “Moon” sycamores are descendents from seeds that were collected from across the country and taken up to the moon during the Apollo XIV mission launched in January 1971.

National Champion Olympic Red Ash
A clone from the National Champion Red Ash planted in front of the Pentagon in memorial for the victims of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks.  Planted on Arbor Day 2003.

Bob Hope Swamp White Oak
A living memorial dedicated to Bob Hope and all South Euclid Vietnam era veterans.  Planted on Arbor Day 2004.