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The city will be planting approximately 330 trees this spring.  This will be the first street tree planting project since 2004.  Over the last several years the city has been able to plant over 3000 trees along the streets and parks.  The new trees planted this year will be pruned after they get established in about 2½  to 3 years.

A fertilization program will occur in the 3rd year.  Fracturing the hard clay soil around the root ball allows for air and moisture to circulate around the roots and gives the roots passage ways to encourage good development.  The mortality rate for trees planted in South Euclid in under 2 percent.

Each street in South Euclid is designated a tree species to be planted along it’s right-of-way.  Trees are selected because of adaptability to municipal environments, tolerance of salt and pollution, size and maintenance needs.  A tree species mature size is essential to determining where a tree will be planted.  Overhead utilities, tree lawn area and existing hardscapes (fire hydrants, street signs, traffic lights, etc.) all play a factor in where and what size tree will be planted.  A master tree plan has been established an can be viewed at the City Service Center by the public, if so desired.

If you are to receive a tree, a letter informing you of this will be mailed to you between late March and early April.  It is recommended that the following tree care instructions be followed to insure your new tree will survive and provide many years of enjoyment for you and your family.  Water your new tree once a day for a week and once a week for a month after your new tree is planted.  A layer of Mulch, three (3) inches in depth, should be placed around the new tree every year to keep lawn mowers and weed eaters away from the trunk.  Prune  away any water sprouts or sucker growth that may appear at the base of the tree as necessary.  The city will Fertilize your tree after it has been planted for at least two years.  Your tree is guaranteed for one year from time of planting.