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South Euclid City Council is made up of seven members and acts as the legislative branch of city government. The city is divided into four wards, with one person from each ward elected to serve as a Representative to Council. The other three members of Council are elected on an at-large basis. City Council Members serve staggered 4-year terms to ensure continuity. Every two years, members elect a Council President from amongst their colleagues. The Council President is responsible for presiding over and conducting all Council Meetings, as well as assigning Council Members to their respective committees. Members of City Council also elect a President Pro-Tem from amongst their colleagues who handles the duties of the President when he/she is unable to.

City Council meets on the Second and Fourth Monday of every month, except August, on the Second Floor of City Hall in Council Chambers. All Meetings begin at 8:00 p.m. A full meeting schedule is available on the Council Calendar Page, and on the South Euclid Events Calendar. Council also schedules Committee Meetings prior to their regular meeting. A full list of Council Committees and Meeting Notices is available on the Council Committees Page.

South Euclid Emergency Operations Plan
NIMS (National Incident Management Training) List – Feb. 2016

For more information on South Euclid City Council, please explore the City Council section of the website.

If you are unsure of the ward you reside in, please click on the Ward map below.

City of South Euclid Ward/Precinct Map (Updated 9-24-15)

New Seatbelt Ordinance To Takes Effect
Regulation of Political Signage
Open Meeting of Council Policies & Procedures