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The New “Texting and Talking on Cell Phones While Driving” Ban is now in effect. Please see a copy of the Ordinance below for all information pertaining to this New Law.  The Cell Phone Ordinance is a primary offense, meaning a Police Officer can pull over a motorist seen texting or talking on a cell phone, regardless of if that individual is committing another traffic violation. Those who plead guilty to a violation of this Ordinance will be charged with a minor misdemeanor on the first offense and will be charged with a fourth degree misdemeanor for each subsequent offense.

However, as seen in the Ordinance, motorists are still free to talk on a cell phone while driving, as long as they are using a “Hands-Free Device.” There are many options available for hands-free communication. Many cell phones are equipped with speakerphones. In addition, there are a variety of headsets available, ranging from plug-in headsets with microphones that sell for under $10, to wireless Bluetooth headsets that start around $20. Hands-free headsets are readily available at area phone and electronic stores.

Those with questions or concerns regarding this new Ordinance should contact the Law Department at (216) 381-0400.

2010 Cell Phone & Texting Ban Ordinance – Updated