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Register for the Free October 2nd Diversity Forum #4: Let’s Get Real About Race
Exploring race is still something that many of us avoid, some have been socialized that it’s impolite – yet the reality is – race-based issues that we continue to wrestle with in our society are not going away. 
This workshop will support participants to recognize some of their own biases along with the race-based institutional and systemic barriers that still plague us. Participants will engage in candid conversations and be introduced to a few simple tools that increase the likelihood that conversations about race will be productive.



Register for the free August 13th Diversity Forum #3: INTERRUPTING BIAS.



Register for the Free June 5th Diversity Forum #2: LGBTQ+ Allyship 101″ Forum


Diversity Forum #1: Connecting the Generations

My Generation Forum!  (pdf) – April 25, 2019