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South Euclid Municipal Complex Rear Parking Lot Project

Thanks to additional grant funding from the Ohio EPA, the South Euclid Municipal Complex Stormwater Demonstration Project continued as work on the rear parking lot began late September 2014 and was completed in June 2015, as the final landscaping was installed.

Now that the project has been completed, a significant portion of the rear parking lot is permeable pavement, the same material used in the front parking lot. The rear entranceway and walkway will also be converted to permeable pavement. In addition, landscaping around the rear parking lot, including the parking lot islands, has been replaced with native, water absorbing plantings.

As with the front parking lot conversion, the goal of this project is to naturally absorb water, reduce stormwater runoff into Euclid Creek, and reduce salt usage in the winter. So far, both the front and rear parking lot stormwater demonstration projects have met and/or exceeded all expectations.

This project is being financed through a grant from the State of Ohio Environmental Protection Agency and the United States Environmental Protection Agency, under the provisions of Section 319(h) of the Clean Water Act.

Municipal Complex Stormwater Demonstration Project

The new front parking lot and landscaping at City Hall is now complete. Be sure to check it out on your next visit.

In order to complete this project, the City of South Euclid was awarded a grant from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency Surface Water Improvement Fund (SWIF) to reconstruct the front parking lot using permeable pavement and replace unnecessary concrete with sustainable landscape features.

Now complete, this project will serve to improve stormwater management and drainage. Permeable pavement allows for an improved water absorption rate and also allows for substances to be filtered out of the water prior to it going into the storm sewer system. The native landscape plantings will also be used to filter and absorb rainwater in areas where there once was impermeable concrete.

The SWIF Grant was awarded to the City in the amount of $166,015. Funding for the SWIF Grant program comes from the Ohio EPA, the USEPA, and the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative.

Municipal Complex Stormwater Demonstration Project Fact Sheet

Construction Photos:

“Before” Photos:

City Hall Front Entrance

City Hall Front Parking Lot

City Hall Front Flag Pole

City Hall Front Landscaping

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