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Engine 312

Engine 312 is the primary engine used by the department. Engine 312 was delivered in  March of 2008.  This is a 1500 gallon per minute pumper manufactured by Pierce Fire Equipment in AppletonWisconsin.  As the primary pumper, 312 handles the bulk of the fire ground pumping operations and is second only to 341 in total number of emergency responses.

The pumper has a 750 gallon booster tank and is capable of injecting two types of firefighting foam. This engine houses the vehicle extrication equipment and serves as the command post at fire incidents until the arrival of a chief. The engine has over 1,600 feet of fire hose.  The truck is state of the art and has the latest safety equipment.

Ladder 321

Ladder 321 is a 78 foot quint purchased from E One Inc. in the fall of 2011. A fire truck that is designated as a quint, carries water, pumps water, and has fire hose, ground ladder and an aerial ladder. The aerial ladder is a 78 ft. aluminum ladder. The truck has a 500 gallon booster tank and over 170 feet of ground ladders.  The truck contains tools and equipment used by the ladder company at structure fires such as; saws, fire extinguishers, rescue tools, ground ladders, salvage equipment and fire hose.

Ladder 321 is equipped with the most current safety equipment and gear. The aerial ladder can easily reach the front of most homes in South Euclid. The truck is equipped with a 10 kilowatt generator.

Engine 311

Engine 311 is a 1500 gallon per minute pumper manufactured by the Ferrara Fire Apparatus Company out of Holden, Louisiana.  Engine 311 was received in February 1999 and served as our front line pumper until 2008.  Currently 311 is our reserve pumper and is used whenever 312 or 321 are out of service. Engine 311 is shared by neighboring departments when their apparatus is unavailable because of maintenance.

Rescue Squad 341

Rescue Squad 341 is the newest ambulance in the fleet and the City took delivery of this apparatus in November of 2012. The ambulance was manufactured by Horton Emergency Vehicles. The patient compartment of the vehicle is made by Horton and sits on a GMC 4500 chassis. The vehicle complies with the 2010 emissions standards producing very little pollutants into the atmosphere. Due to the high percentage of EMS calls, this paramedic equipped unit responds to more emergencies than any other piece of equipment.

Rescue Squad 342

Rescue Squad 342 is a state of the art ambulance purchased by the City in November 2006.  This is the second EMS unit and responds when 341 is on another call. The squad is equipped nearly exactly as the primary rescue squad 341. Rescue squad 342 as the second squad out responds well over 750 times each year.

Car 353

Car 353 is a 2014 Ford interceptor SUV. It was placed in-service February of 2014. This vehicle allows the department to allocate manpower in a more efficient manner. This is done by allowing personnel to respond to another emergency when they are no longer needed on a previous incident to assist however needed.

3 Ford Explorer in good condition.