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The South Euclid Fire Department is asked to respond to a wide variety of emergencies.  The only way to prepare for any type of emergency is to have well trained firefighters and officers who can think clearly in an emergency and use sound rescue principles to save lives and property.

The firefighters for the City of South Euclid are mandated by the State of Ohio to have continued education each year. Each firefighter and for those that are also trained as Firefighter Instructors and Fire Inspectors must meet the minimum required hours set forth by the State of Ohio.

The South Euclid Fire Department is highly committed to training its firefighters and officers on all aspects of the job. It’s an essential and vital part of the day to day operations. We believe, to provide the best service to the citizens we serve, we need to go well beyond the State of Ohio’s minimum hours.

The training provides both cognitive and psychomotor knowledge. The training is centered on EMS, driver training, fire operations, fire rescue, car extrication, and special rescue.

We are always looking to improve our training to keep up to date with the latest techniques that can provide a better service to the citizens we serve and to keep all of us safe.