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The City of South Euclid has formed a volunteer Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) which will be used locally during serious emergency incidents to augment the City’s Police and Fire Department’s. The CERT’s goal is to enlist 100 resident volunteers to assist in any disaster which could occur or impact South Euclid. The threat of terrorism, of course, was the initial force behind this Federal and State initiated program. Other emergencies, however, such as natural disasters or plane crashes, chemical spills, weather related situations would be included. Our South Euclid CERT’s initial planning and preparedness will focus on the Community’s ability to respond in the event of a public health emergency making it necessary to provide emergency vaccinations or medications to ALL South Euclid residents in a short time.

Volunteers are needed to collect disaster intelligence and support Police and Fire response efforts within our City disaster plan. Residents interested in volunteering for service, in the South Euclid CERT, will be assigned to positions where their experience, training, or job skills can be best used.

All persons over 18 years old, with good general health and a willingness to commit themselves, are eligible to apply to the emergency response team. At this time, there is an emphasis on employment or experience in the following areas: Medicine (doctors, nurses, pharmacy, medical records) Construction (Skilled trades, hazmat), Transportation (commercial drivers with large vehicle experience), Communications (computers, data entry, foreign languages), Supervision (teachers, security, military, retired police & fire) and Food Service. Civic organizations, church or synagogue groups, clubs or groups of employee’s from local businesses are encouraged to apply as well.

In the event of any kind of widespread disaster, communities will be on their own to survive Federal, State and County help will not be available with the exception of provision of vaccines, etc. There is absolutely nothing more important that YOU can volunteer for or dedicate your time. Volunteer now and be part of the initial start-up and training.


Local CERT members,

Thanks to everyone who registered for our Spring Drill. We are looking forward to see each of you there.

There will be a CERT search and rescue drill on Saturday June 7th from 9 AM to Noon. Our drill will take place in the Cuyahoga National Park.  We will meet in the parking lot off Riverview Road on the Valley Parkway near the Station Road Bridge (see the map below).
The drill will be held from 9 AM until Noon, with a picnic to follow.

Please do the following items
1) wear appropriate clothes for searching.
2) bring your backpack, badge and vest
3) At least one water bottle
4) register by email to Brian Russo care of /">

Thank you,

Melissa Mathys
Scott Kaye
Brian Russo
T.J. Hartman
Tim Dodd

Cuyahoga County Board of Health – Thank You


Citizens stand ready to help
Plain Dealer article 3-9-07


Joint Training with South Euclid & Lyndhurst C.E.R.T. Teams  – June 17th @ 1601 South Green Road.



Community Emergency Response Team