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The South Euclid Fire Department is a member of the Heights Hillcrest Technical Rescue Team (a.k.a. HHTRT or East Tech).  HHTRT is comprised of personnel from 14 East side fire departments who are trained in multiple disciplines to mitigate “out of the ordinary” emergencies.

HHTRT is a team of highly motivated, action oriented fire-fighters that serve voluntarily. Because fire departments are historically the “ones to call when you don’t know who else to call,” HHTRT members are trained to handle a variety of different rescue situations including but not limited to high angle rope rescue, trench collapse rescue, confined space entry and rescue, ice rescue, tower rescue, and mud rescue.  Several members of the HHTRT team also part of the Ohio Region 2 Structural Collapse Team.

HHTRT is overseen by the Chiefs of the participating fire departments and it is their guidance and direction that keep the team proactive.  They are also responsible for setting and approving the yearly budget. Each member city also has a team leader who is responsible for organizing HHTRT activity in their respective city.

South Euclid Fire Department members currently assigned to the HHTRT are:

Captain Paul Tepley
Firemedic Pedro Garcia
Firemedic Eric Thompson
Firemedic Tom Canitia