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The 2017 South Euclid Centennial
Rain Barrel Painting Contest

April 1, 2017

Dear Community Group,

You have a chance to participate in an “once in a lifetime” opportunity. The city of South Euclid’s Centennial only comes around once every 100 years!

There are many activities being offered to commemorate this occasion and many would like to play a part in this celebration. The Rain Barrel Painting Contest is an endeavor that numerous community groups can get involved in.

The South Euclid Centennial Committee has a flyer, which is attached, that explains the rules for participation. There is also an Application for Participation which will need to be completed. Information is also included on what a rain barrel is and why use a rain barrel.

At Rock the Block, held June 24th, the city’s Centennial Celebration will be observed. The Rain Barrel Painting Contest will have a tent where the painted rain barrels will be displayed with your group’s name and description. Judges will evaluate the artwork and certificates will be awarded to category winners. Then, a fabulous silent auction will be held. Proceeds will support the Centennial events.

Our environment is a precious commodity. We are all masters of its fate. Use your group’s special talents to promote a safe and clean world and sponsor a rain barrel.

Thank you for your support,
The 2017 South Euclid Centennial Rain Barrel Committee


2017 South Euclid Centennial
Rain Barrel Painting Contest

Rain water is a resource that benefits ALL OF US. The City of South Euclid is sponsoring a contest to educate the community on the benefits of using rain barrels to reduce rainwater runoff and improve our waterways. South Euclid invites all individuals, schools, organizations, and businesses to participate in a rain barrel painting contest. Painted rain barrels will be displayed for judging and a silent auction at the Rock the Block event on June 24th.

Only a limited number of rain barrels are available, so register today!

What is a rain barrel?

A rain barrel collects and stores rain water from your roof that would otherwise flow across lawns, driveways, roads and parking lots picking up dirt, oil, fertilizers, and other chemicals along the way before emptying into storm drains or streams.

Why use a rain barrel?

Contaminated storm water runoff is the #1 cause of pollution in our waterways. Rain barrels help reduce the volume of runoff, and therefore its potential to convey pollutants. Register today and learn more about how to protect water quality in our rivers, streams and lakes.


Contest Guidelines

There is no required theme to the art work however you may consider the environmental or centennial theme.

  • Painted rain barrels will be judged according to how well the design fits the theme, creativity, and neatness.
  • Painted rain barrels will be displayed at the Rock the Block event on June 24th where we will give away two awards, Judges’ Choice and Peoples’ Choice.

Participants will be provided with a 2 ft. X 3 ft. barrel that will be fully assembled with two coats of primer.

  • You will need to provide brushes, various colors of acrylic paints for your design, and a clear topcoat.
  • Barrels must have a clear topcoat applied to be eligible for prizes. The topcoat will prevent the paint from chipping and fading.


  • Complete application and return.
  • April 11thMay 1st: Participants can pick up barrel at South Euclid Service Dept.
    • Contact Melody Obery 440-213-2488 to arrange pick up.
  • June 24th: Drop off painted barrels at Rock the Block event by 10:00am
  • Rock the Block June 24th:
    • Judges Choice will be awarded at 1:00 pm
    • Peoples Choice will be awarded at 5:00 pm
    • Silent auction will awarded at 7:00 pm



2017 South Euclid Centennial Rain Barrel Contest
Application for Participation

The South Euclid Centennial Committee is sponsoring a contest to educate the community on the benefits of using rain barrels to reduce rainwater runoff and improve our waterways. Participants are invited to paint creative designs on a rain barrel. The 55 gallon plastic barrels will be fully assembled with two coats of primer. The participant is responsible for supplying their own paint for their design.

To apply for participation in this program, please complete and submit this application

Names of all contributing artists/organization/school:
Contact Name: ______________________________________________________________________________
Telephone: _________________________________________________________________________________
Physical Address: ____________________________________________________________________________
Mailing Address (if different from physical): _________________________________________________________
Email: ______________________________________________________________________________________

In the space below, please describe your artistic rain barrel design.

Return completed application either by mail or by email:
Melody Obery
1199 Berwick Lane
South Euclid, OH 44121

Melody Obery @



  • To help plan your barrel, the spigot on the rain barrel will serve as the front. Usually, the back will be against a wall. The barrel must be returned with the spigot and overflow parts in place.
  • Completed rain barrels must be functional and able to withstand the weather. Artists are not allowed to adhere anything (such as paper, tiles, etc.) to the barrels.
  • After acrylic paint is applied, allow at least 48 hours of drying time before applying the top coat.
  • Artwork may include one small logo (if desired), but theme cannot be commercial or advertisement. However, please avoid topics of a political, religious or sexual nature.
  • The finished barrel must be approved by the Rain Barrel Program selection committee before it is displayed.
  • Decorated rain barrels are displayed at the Rock the Block event on June 24th. Barrels are displayed with interpretive signage and handouts that explain the benefits of rain barrels. Each sign includes the artist’s contact information, the artist’s interpretation of their work.
  • The South Euclid Centennial Committee and partners are not liable for any damage to the barrel during the display period.
  • The artist relinquishes ownership of their artwork upon delivery of the finished barrel to the Rock the Block event for auction.

Melody Obery at 440-213-2488 or 

What is a Rain Barrel?

  • A rain barrel is a container that collects and stores the water from roofs and downspouts for future uses such as watering lawns, gardens, and house plants; cleaning off gardening tools; and washing your car.

  • Rain barrels help to lower your water bills, particularly in the summer months by collecting thousands of gallons of free water a year that you don’t have to buy!

  • Rain barrels are also important for our environment because they help reduce water pollution by decreasing the amount of storm water runoff reaching our streams and rivers. Think about it. The average rainfall of one inch within a 24 hour period can produce more than 700 gallons of water that run off a typical house! While it’s running from our homes and lawns, this storm water picks up anything on the ground such as litter, excess fertilizer, pet waste, and motor oil and transports it to storm drains that DO NOT treat the water before dumping it directly into our waterways. So rain barrels play an important role in protecting our water resources by collecting the storm water runoff from our homes before it reaches our local streams and rivers.

  • Using rain barrels is a great way to decrease your household’s impact on local waterways and to help you become a good steward.



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