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Snow Plow List (2-13-20)

In November 2008, City Council adopted a Sensible Salting Resolution to ensure a cleaner environment and reduce salt usage to the point where the City would realize noticeable cost savings. The Resolution adopted by City Council was introduced by the Cuyahoga County Service Directors Association and most Cities throughout the County have adopted very similar Resolutions.

So What Is Sensible Salting?

Sensible Salting Practices lead to a 30% reduction in salt usage and help to keep our environment clean. Sensible Salting Practices include the following six policies used by the South Euclid Service Department:

  1. Limited Salting During the Late Evening/Early Morning Hours:From 11:00 p.m.- 4:00 a.m. very limited salting will take place, as salting is not effective due to low traffic volumes. The goal of the Service Department during this time is to ensure passable roads, which means only intersections, hills, curves, and bridges will be salted. Beginning at 4:00 a.m., the Service Department prepares the roads for rush hour.
  1. Salting During Snow Events:During periods of 1’ inch per hour snowfall or greater, main roads will be plowed as frequently as possible. These roads will also be salted at intersections, hills, curves, bridges, and school zones. “Spot Salting” will also be utilized which means roads will be salted at 150 ft. intervals to allow the salt to be effectively spread around.
  1. Limited Salting on Secondary Roads:Secondary Roads (side streets) will be plowed as often as possible, but will only be salted at intersections, bridges, hills, curves, and school zones for 200 ft. intervals. Spot Salting will also be used when necessary.
  1. Proper Training of Employees and Communication of this Policy:The Service Director is responsible for ensuring all employees understand and follow the City’s Sensible Salting Practices.
  1. Proper Calibration of Equipment:All equipment will be calibrated to ensure the Sensible Salting Practices are implemented correctly.
  1. Investigation of Alternative Products:The Service Director will continue to investigate, purchase, and utilize other alternative products such as brine and other enhanced deicers.

When conditions warrant, such as those found during and after an ice storm, the City has the ability to salt as necessary, as Safety of the Residents and Visitors of South Euclid remains the Number One Priority.

For more information on the Sensible Salting Practices, please contact the Service Department at (216) 381-0402.