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Simple Recycling

The City of South Euclid is proud to offer Simple Recycling Services to our residents.

Simple Recycling is a simple and convenient way to keep recyclable and reusable items out of the waste stream. Simple Recycling is a secondary recycling company that focuses on textiles and other reusable items.

See the following list of soft recyclable items:

Men’s Clothing                                                 Toys                                                         Radios
Women’s Clothing                                            Pictures                                                  Lamps
Children’s Clothing                                          Hairdryers                                              Sandals & Slippers
Coats & Jackets                                                Blankets                                                 Tools
Bedding                                                              Drapes & Curtains                               Toasters
Belts & Ties                                                        Pillows                                                    Microwaves
Books                                                                 Sleeping Bags                                       Coffee Makers
Fashion accessories                                       Small Furniture (50 lbs.)                       Computers & Electronics
Shoes                                                                 Small Appliances (50 lbs.)                   Silverware
Purses                                                                Dishes                                                      Pillows
Hats                                                                     Linens                                                      Pots & Pans

Simple Recycling is an easy free service that coincides with your regularly scheduled recycling pick up. Simple Recycling provides bright green bags for items and stickers to be placed on recyclables that do not fit into the bags. They then should be placed at the curb on your regularly scheduled pick up day. Simple Recycling will pick up the items and replace bags and stickers for your next collection. Simple Recycling will send all residents a set of specialized green bags and stickers in the mail. Should you require more bags, please contact Simple Recycling at (866) 835-5068 or

Simple Recycling is primarily for those items which are past their useful life and would otherwise be thrown away. For those items which still have use, it is recommended they be donated to a charitable organization. This program should not deter your current donation process, but gives you another option to dispose of items which have no use and would otherwise likely be thrown away.

For more information, please view the video, below, or contact Simple Recycling at 866-835-5068. You can also visit