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Think recycling is “for the birds”?
You’re right!
It’s also for the plants…
The planet…
And every animal on the Earth today…
Including us.

Recycling isn’t just old-fashioned “tree-hugger hippie” mentality.  Indeed, in today’s world, we believe it’s more critical than ever before.

We also believe that grass-roots efforts like ours are where it all begins…and, where the end-result responsibilities lie.

Composed of volunteers who are residents like you, the South Euclid Recycling Committee (SERC) has long been the “green” liaison between the city’s residents and government.  Together, we have helped achieve “green” milestones that make our city more environmentally responsible, resident-responsive, and attractive to potential newcomers.  We continue our commitment to identify and address those challenges with the greatest impact on our city’s present and future.

We invite you to add your ideas and efforts to ours.  The SERC meets:

  • Every 2nd Tuesday of the month
  • 7:30 starting time
  • S. Euclid Community Center, Victory Drive.

You can also e-mail ideas, comments, questions, etc. to:

Committee Chairperson